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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What is the best online university for Bachelor's?

I started my business in this space based on the troubles i faced doing distance education. Here are my findings.
I would limit my discussions to the Employed person who is seeking a bachelors.
The best online degree is the one which is highly suitable for an employed person should have

  1. Access to live classroom through online medium : The Student should be able to access live sessions or download these lectures at his leisure. The employed person cannot study on his own through books.
  2. Focus on learning and application instead of theory : The courseware should be designed to help him apply the knowledge he has gained.
  3. Accredition : The degree should be recognised by the governing body.
  4. Specialisation : There should be scope to specialise in the subject of his interest. Online degrees have high variety of courses catering to new age businesses. Traditionally college cannot quickly adapt to these since they have legacy issues.

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